About me

My healing adventure started 10 years ago when Reiki found me. A casual visit to the hairdresser changed more than my hair. I did not know what to expect from it at the start, it was extremely relaxing and hard work at the same time, I had to face some demons I had buried for a long time  but the journey is certainly interesting and has put me in touch with may interesting people.

I have become much better acquainted with myself, have developed a sense of empathy and compassion, the skill of putting people at ease, of being non judgemental, made bravely face any challenges and learn any lessons that needed to be learnt.

This adventure has certainly had its fair share of ‘wolves’ trying to get me off track, trying to blow my house down but I am still standing in a beautiful house by the calm sea surrounded by peace and tranquility. I would like to share the lessons from this adventure and assist you in your own adventure.

The tools I use are healing techniques learnt from masters, Reiki from the Japanese tradition and Theta Healing from the United States. I am also a Certified Angel Practitioner.


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