Eva is very dedicated and passionate and spends great care to provide a professional and individual therapy treatment to the greater benefit of her clients Jacqueline Bailey, Therapist March 3, 2012

I was introduced to Eva nine months ago, at a time when I was looking for a way to reduce the stress in my life and become calmer, being a wife and a working mum of two wonderful children.  Receiving Reiki from Eva enabled me to fulfil this. At the same time she was able to detect and help me realise that I had underlying emotions and beliefs that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. It was at this point that Eva introduced me to Theta Healing! We have worked together and Eva is helping me to change some of these unconscious beliefs that prevent me from being happy and contribute to my stress. It is a wonderful experience!

The more I’ve worked with Eva, the more I’ve become aware of how wonderfully, gifted she is. It is apparent during each treatment how in tuned she is with you. Eva is a very calm and caring lady, giving you the time that you need. She explains things fully and takes the time after each session to find out how you are feeling. I would encourage anyone to receive both Reiki and Theta Healing from Eva.  Thank you Eva, for your continued help, healing and support.  AnneMarie, Birmingham.

Julie Chipperfield-Carr and myself shared a room at a ladies pampering evening two weeks ago. The energy in the room generated by Reiki was truly amazing and incredibly strong. It was so beautiful to work alongside another practitioner and generate such wonderful energy!

Truly Amazing! Eva has such a Wonderful gift! She was able to contact the angelic realm and gave me both honest, positive and direct advice from them, that I have found very advantageous. Eva saw so many inspirational things but I’ll mention this one:- I was angry with my dad for dying nearly seven years ago and he had been trying to contact me but on some level I wasn’t letting him in. Unfortunately this led to my dad been stuck here, instead of going to the light. Once Eva discovered this and told me, she was able to help us both and the end result being, that my dad could now move on to the light. Thank you Eva you are an awesome healer!! Rosaleen January 2010

My name is Eva Torrens, I’m from Barcelona and I am 36 years old; I have 4 marvellous children who enrich my life. My discovery and introduction to Reiki came my Master Eva Alós and it has literally changed my perception of life. It has helped me open to new ideas at several levels: spritual, mental and physical.

I discovered Reiki last summer when I had several conversations with Eva; we had an immediate connection and I know that we spoke the same language, Immediately I noticed the benefits of Reiki, it seemed incredible that the channeling of energy could have that effect on me, I felt and feel so much more receptive to others and with myself, things have become more relative and I feel much more serene and quiet. This encouraged me to do the first level of Reiki, and then the second. Reiki has offered many advantages to me and my family. I would encourage everyone to try it because it works! Thank you Eva for the wonderful world you have unveiled for me! Eva Torrents, Barcelona

“Eva is a grat transmitor of positive energy. She has a great ability to detect your negative areas and give them an outlet without making you feel bad.  My work, the diversity of tasks that I perform and my back weakness give me strong tensions and I have found in the application of Reiki by Eva a powerful solution without secondary effects.”  Joan S Alos


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