Reiki treatments

To receive a Reiki treatment the patient lies down on the coach, resting whilst I place my hands on the head and above the body.

First I place my hands on the front of the body hovering over and then I ask the patient to turn around and lay on their tummy whilst I do the same at the back.

My hands might get hot or cold or tingly and the patient might feel feelings of well being and relaxation.

The treatment lasts around an hour.

Come in, gently lay down on the couch, feel your body in contact with the couch, your head feels heavy, your shoulders are relaxing, your back, legs, thigs, feet feel heavy and are beginning to relax, your jaw unclenches, your hands uncurl, your eyes are softly closed, your breathing slows down … you are now reading to take in some healing. Enjoy!


Although many people find Reiki to be beneficial to their overall well-being, it is never to be used as a substitute for medical care.  If you have a condition that requires medical care, it is recommended that you see a qualified medical practitioner at your earliest convenience.  You should not cease any medication that has been prescribed to you – regardless of the outcome of any Reiki treatment you have had.  There is no harm in using Reiki treatments to complement any conventional medical treatments you may be receiving.



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