2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Attracting genuine love by Katie Hendricks

I have been taking the Attracting Genuine Love course via podcast by Katie Hendricks. I highly recommend it, the mantras are very useful and the breathing exercises too!

“Today I experience the power of seeing things as they are so I can create things the way I want them to be!”

“Today I allow myself to see that a lot of my life’s painful dramas have not been my own. This knowledge frees me to create a life that is my own”

“Today I feel deep in myself, my own essence, the deepest truth of my being and I am grateful for who I am”.

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The importance of team work

In this day and age where individuality seems to be highly valued, were we compete against each other, were we are encoraged to outdo each other, be smarter, work harder, it is importance to recognise the value of team work. Two heads do think better than one and there is a wonderful natural flow when working together. After years of having to work alone, I relish the opportunity to join a team and go further than I have been able to do by myself, to outgrow my beliefs, to acquire new skills. As social animals that we are, teamwork is essential for our survival and well being. I define myself by having boundaries against another yet I also define myself by belonging to a team. Being able to contribute to our society, be part of a team is as essential as knowing who you are and setting your own goals. So, instead of looking at each other like potential threats, let’s see each other as an opportunity to take our learning further.

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Blank canvass

As my children grow older and start making their own choices I see their lives with wonder. Their lives can be written in a blank canvass, they can make their own mistakes, they have their won dreams to pursue fitted and tailored to their personalities. They are fully aware of the costs involved in pursuing higher education in this day and age, they have the information needed to make their choices but ultimately the choices will be theirs. Of course their dad and myself will have some input in those choices, being the voice of reason sometimes, encouraging them to be themselves and do something that they love but ultimately the choices are theirs.

To me this is so exciting, to see another human being grow and take shape, make decisions every step of the way and the level of maturity and independence that this entails. It makes me proud to be able to listen and provide advice. It makes me proud that both my children have learnt empathy, to take care of themselves and also of other people, that they are happy individuals with a positive outcome in live living it with enthusiasm.

Sometimes, as we grow older and we have more responsibilities, we can become cynical, tired in our view of the world. Being with children makes us see live in a new light again and believe that anything is possible if we open our minds and hearts to it.

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The power of love

Gay and Katie Hendricks say

Love yourself, love all the parts that are difficult to love especially our internal saboteur.

Define what it is you want, the yes and no, the deal breakers in a relationships (things you would not put up with like drugs, addictions, meaness, violence, infidelity).

Release the past, send it love. That was THEN and this is NOW. Love happens NOW:

Think about love as an adventure and an experiment, be in awe of it.

Stretch yourself to learn something new because that gets creativity going and opens up passion.

From the start of a relationship make sure you are authenthic and completely honest and you will attract the same back. It creates aliveness and a flow of creativity.

Look and love the damaged picker, that part of you that keeps choosing the wrong person for yourself. Send it love. Love the unlovable parts of yourself.Create yourself as a lovable person.

Be in a relationship with someone who is blown away by you and you feel the same way back.

Tell yourself ” I choose ease in my loving relationship”.

Create a love vibration inside yourself, realise love is already happening inside yourself and then expand that out into the world.

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Try something new

Try something new! Hire Robert Burton and be entranced by the wonderful sound of the accordion!

Check him out on http://www.accordionist.co.uk/. He is a brilliant musician and he also speaks excellent Spanish!

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The effects of being grateful

This morning I had excellent service from a professional. I was so pleased to be treated so well that I wrote to his manager to say thank you. His manager replied to my e-mail thanking me and noting how unusual it is to hear a thank you nowadays. She has also forwarded my comments to him, to his other manager and a copy will be placed in his records. What a wonderful thing it is to be grateful!

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