Try something new

Try something new! Hire Robert Burton and be entranced by the wonderful sound of the accordion!

Check him out on He is a brilliant musician and he also speaks excellent Spanish!

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The effects of being grateful

This morning I had excellent service from a professional. I was so pleased to be treated so well that I wrote to his manager to say thank you. His manager replied to my e-mail thanking me and noting how unusual it is to hear a thank you nowadays. She has also forwarded my comments to him, to his other manager and a copy will be placed in his records. What a wonderful thing it is to be grateful!

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I am not going doolally!

This morning I went for a hearing test, I had one two years ago because sometimes I have difficulty with hearing a child speak if there is background noise in the classroom. My last test was fine but this was a free follow up. Anyway, I met a lovely gentleman who not only performed the test but also took the time to explain to me how the hearing system works.

It was obvious when he was talking with me, that he loves his job and I loved listening to what he had to say because it was said with such enthusiasm. Apparently it is becoming more common to loose the ability to hear high pitches if there is background noise and also with age.

As we know, hearing is not the same as listening. Hearing problems can come from the ear itself or from the neurones in the brain. So sometimes we can hear but we are not understanding or listening. I am sure we are all familiar with that concept.

This man gave me a lovely analogy, he asked me to imagine that my ear was like a railway station and sometimes I got onto the wrong track that lead nowhere. The train got there but there was no one there. He also referred me to to check out Obscure Auditory Disfunction or King–Kopetzky syndrome.

He said that children can also get it and that might be a reason they misbehave in class.

This document explains it all in detail It is a bit technical but worth a read.

It was a pleasure to meet someone who loved his job and rightly so. The world of hearing is fascinating but the world of listening and decoding is utterly compelling!

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What is your focus?

Money has such a bad press sometimes; openly saying you want it, you want the lifestyle makes you sound crass, unsensitive, selfish, without morals and yet … we need money to live, we need money to have a choice about the lifestyle we want, we need money to access resources.

Having money or at least the opportunity to earn it does make us happier in that sense. So I do declare that I would like money or better phrased I welcome abundance in my life. Because, as the saying goes, money does not make us happy but we are much happier if the mortgage is paid and we have enough food to it.

The key issue is how do we make money and how do we interact with it.

First of all, it really helps to openly welcome it in our lives; if we think money is bad or evil we are sending signals that we do not want it so it might come and go as quickly as it arrives because we are actually screaming “I need you but I do not want you“.  I used to have a very uneasy relationship with money; I felt wanting it was a bad thing, it made me a selfish person. Recently I have changed my perspective. I want money so I am able to have choices on how I want to live and how much I can help other people. So I affirm without shame I welcome money and abundance into my life.

Secondly, how am I going to make money? What kind of a job do I want? Is there a hobby I am passionate about I could turn into a job? Do I prefer working for myself or do I need the safety or working for another person? Do I want a traditional trade, regular hours or am I happy living day to day with whatever might come?

These are personal questions that only we can answer. I have done both, I have worked for companies with the safety net and also the restrain and I have been self employed working the hours I wanted to work, being my own boss but never quite knowing what was happening next. It is your life, if you have those choices make a conscious choice. Take time out, pause and think about what suits you. If you are able to have a job that you love as opposed to have one that just pays the bills go for it. Surely it is better to feel energised doing something you love that just plod on. Sometimes we just need to be brave and believe in ourselves.

So affirm: I welcome money and abundace into my life, I deserve money and abundance; I know how to hold onto money and abundance in my life; Today I decide to make a conscious choice about how to let abundance into my life.

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Change is in the air

Spring is here and, a usual, change is in the air. This year, though, more and more of my friends and colleagues are experiencing disturbance in their personal and professional lives. Change this year has a capital letter in events around the world too. There are two ways to look at change: with fear and shrinking away from it or opening up to it.

I have never felt comfortable with change, I have held onto outdated thoughts and belief structures in my life thinking that better the devil you know that what is to come. Change has cause me a huge amount of anxiety because I have resisted it so much and yet this resistance has caused physical illness, mental distress and anguish. Once I realised that resistance is futile and change is something to be welcome life has resumed its course.

Most of us find change challenging; it makes us feel out of control; powerless; as if someone else was pulling the strings. These feelings of distress can translate into physical ailments which then compound the problem.
There are many techniques that can be used to help us relax and feel centred but one of the easiest, cheapest and that can be done anywhere is the breath. I used to be quite skeptical about this, thinking how can something as simple as breathing deeply help me regain a sense of perspective and get rid of this anxiety. It works if done correctly.

The aim is not to hyperventilate, the aim is to elongate the out breath to release toxins and to get back into our bodies instead of living in our heads. So deep breath in, count for 4, hold your breath, deep breath out count to 6 and start again for at least a minute. Feel your shoulders and neck relax. This works even better outdoors, go for a short walk during your lunch hour to oxygenate.

I have been doing this regularly for three weeks now and I have seen anxiety get under control, my thoughts are much clearer and I feel in control of my body. I cannot control the changes that are currently happening, I cannot change my friends and colleagues’ lifes and sort out the crisis but I can make myself feel better and that in turn will affect how I interact with people which in turn will affect how they interact with their surroundings and so on.

So … let’s get breathing!

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When anxiety calls

deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths and turn it around like an omelette. What evidence do you have? Is it true? Is it really true? If it is what can you do about it? If it isn’t how would you do things differently? FEAR False Evidence appears real.

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Yesterday I attended the first day of the Swedish massage course that I had booked a while ago. The course has 5 of us in total plus the trainer. It is always interesting to meet new people. It turns out that three of the ladies had never had a full body massage before so they received theirs first whilst we learnt and practiced. At lunch I sat down with a lovely woman who described her job at a doctor’s surgery, how stressful it was and how she also did interpreting for the patients. This lady was full of giving and love but it was also clear that she did not think much of herself, she kept putting herself down and asking for re-assurance throughout the day. I gently told ther that, whilst I admired her spirit, she also needed to nurture and take care of herself. I guess we are all like that at times.

Another syncronicity happened in the afternoon when I discovered that we had an energy healer amonst our ranks who quickly spotted that I had reacted badly to receiving a massage from 4 ladies at the same time, the energies were just too strong for me. We talked about children, as some of us had some, and this lady said ‘Being a parent is the most important job in the world’. I turned around in amazement, Lorna Byrne said this exact words on Wednesday night. Shame that is is not a paid job but I agree entirely. The Universe has a way of repeating messages to us in different ways until we listen. So, amidst my ever changing working life, I am reminded that the most important thing I will ever do is being a mum to my children. That is good enough for me.

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