Self meditation to help make decisions

Click on this link to open a guided meditation powerpoint. Click on the sound icon on the powerpoint to hear it. Self meditation to help make decisions

Sometimes we are tempted to say yes to the first opportunity that presents itself, sometimes we are not sure what path is best for us and it is tempting to rush the decision. Sometimes we can only see what our small torch can light up along the way and we have to trust that we are taking the right path for us. It is really hard sometimes to know which path to take, we get to a fork in the road and we can see two or more paths; all we can see is the beginning of the path but we have no idea where each path ends, whether it goes up or down, whether there are flowers along the way, somewhere to rest, eat, sleep or there is deprivation.

Panic is a common reaction when having to make a decision, arguing with oneself about the pros and cons of each path in a rational manner but still unable to make a decision because our decisions affect other people who live with us or depend on us; or decisions can mean leaving behind other things and people we have become attached to. Ah decisions are not easy to make.

Let ‘s try a new way to make decisions. Sit on a comfortable sit in comfortable clothes. Switch off the telephone, TV., radio or anything else that might distract you. If you wish put on some soft ambiance relaxing music, burn an incense stick, burn aromatherapy oils and/or hold your favourite crystal in your hand loosely. Take your shoes off and place them on the floor. Take a deep breath through your nose and release it through your mouth. Do this several times. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, feel you chest and stomach area rise and fall. Now it is time to centre yourself, imagine that roots grow from your feet deep into the earth. Now imagine that a white light is coming down from the sky into your body through the top of your head all the way downyour body.

Continue to concentrate on your breathing, do not force it, just listen to its natural rhythm, feel your body relax further, all the tension from the day, the week, the years and lifetimes starts to trickle down from your head, your muscles down your legs and it disappears into the earth through your feet. Take a few more deep breaths and relax even further.

Call in your guardian angels, archangel Michael and any specific archangels that could help you with your decision. Say to yourself three times ‘I am willing to receive guidance, I am willing to open up, I am willing to hear and listen’. Continue breathing and relaxing, Concentrate on your sacral area and feel it open up, then concentrate on your solar plexus area, your heart, your throat, your third eye, the top of your head. Feel these areas open up. Continue breathing, you feel relaxed, you feel safe, see your guardian angels in front of you. Walk towards them. Feel their gentleness, their complete love, their complete acceptance of you, their protection. Ask them if they have any messages for you, put your hand on your stomach area and think first of decision one, if you took that decision what colour would it be? how does it feel? what shape is it? does it move? does it grow? does it change colour? does your breathing change? Keep thinking about decision 1 and listening to any advice from your angels.

Now think about decision or option 2. How does it feel? what colour is it? what shape is it? does it grow? does it shrink? does it change colour? does your breathing increase/ decrease in intensity, goes deeper/shallower?

Notice the difference to those answers, compare the colours, compare the shapes, compare the feelings. Which one of them made you grow? which one of them made you shrink? how did your breathing change? did your throat and third eye area open up, close down, stayed the same? did you feel happy, sad, contented, resentful, angry, irritable. frustrated at any point thinking of either of your options?

Notice every detail and ask your guardian angels to confirm your choice or provide you with further information. Continue breathing, thank your angels for their assistance and see them walk away from you. Concentrate on your sacral area and feel it close down, then concentrate on your solar plexus area, your heart, your throat, your third eye, the top of your head. Feel these areas close down. Continue breathing, you feel relaxed, you feel safe. See the white light slowly close down and start wriggling your fingers. Without opening your eyes move your body slowly, rub your hands together and place them over your eyes. Feel the energy emanating from your hands, slowly open your eyes and return to the room. Drink plenty of water and write down any notes for further reference.


About Malena 113

I am a light worker. I was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain in the early seventies and first came to England in my late teens. From then on I visited a few times, came to do some sightseeing, studied and finally settled down to work. Reiki found me in the early 2000 as a continuation of my spiritual development. I achieved Masters in Reiki in 2010 and have trained other people since. I am currently studying Theta Healing, another modality of healing. I also work with angels and archangels and they are now part of my everyday life.
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