Re-plumbing our beliefs

My kitchen and warming heating system is being completely refurbished this weekend, it was plumbed wrongly and it cost a lot more money than it should have. My kitchen ceiling is currently down with all the pipes exposed and a lot of work is being done. I know that ultimately it will all be put back together, replastered and repainted and I will have an input in this process. I will have been the one that clears all the rubble, mixes the plaster, skims and repaints the kitchen. It won’t be a quick process, it might take a few weeks but eventually it will get done. Sometimes life feels a bit like replumbing different areas and getting rid of wastage. It can be a painful process to look inwards and discard beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve us. It can be frigthening to choose new beliefs that serves us better before we close up until the next time. Sometimes we are not sure what we are going to find when we look inwards and there might be some emotional leaks that need to be tended to but ultimately, with patience and good workmanship, the end result will be more efficient. I cannot claim all the credit for this process, I have a plumber doing the work for me however, there is some merit in asking for help when we are unable to do things on our own. Thank you.


About Malena 113

I am a light worker. I was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain in the early seventies and first came to England in my late teens. From then on I visited a few times, came to do some sightseeing, studied and finally settled down to work. Reiki found me in the early 2000 as a continuation of my spiritual development. I achieved Masters in Reiki in 2010 and have trained other people since. I am currently studying Theta Healing, another modality of healing. I also work with angels and archangels and they are now part of my everyday life.
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