Juggling responsibilities

I let someone down today. I had two choices to make, either please a friend or my children and I am afraid that my children took preference but I do feel bad because I let my friend down by cancelling our appointment. It turns out children enjoy spending quality time just with me or just with their dad and are happy to share some of that time but not too much of it. Whilst this is quite flattering it is also complicated in terms of a social life. I had a long conversation with my son, they do not oppose socialising but would like it cut down to once a week with the same person and please not on the night that they come to my house straight from their dad’s.. I am not sure how I feel about this as yet. I can understand their feelings and what they want but it leaves me thinking about also meeting my needs and keeping friends. It is a very delicate balance. It cannot all be what children want but it cannot all be what I want or socialising with whom I want. Pleasing us all is not easy. It is a give and take because our needs are not the same and the people we enjoy being with is not the same either. This is a tricky situation and now I feel I have let my friend down. Having said that we did see my friend yesterday as she stayed for dinner at ours so I hope she understands.


About Malena 113

I am a light worker. I was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain in the early seventies and first came to England in my late teens. From then on I visited a few times, came to do some sightseeing, studied and finally settled down to work. Reiki found me in the early 2000 as a continuation of my spiritual development. I achieved Masters in Reiki in 2010 and have trained other people since. I am currently studying Theta Healing, another modality of healing. I also work with angels and archangels and they are now part of my everyday life.
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