Being able to receive

Some people use reason to deal with things, I use intuition and healing to get to subconscious beliefs that sabotage me.
Theta works at subconscious levels and re addresses unhealthy beliefs.

I am reading a book about not being able to receive, it is very interesting, it explains how we repeat childhood patterns to try and solve them when we are in a relationship at a subconscious level. We attract the unresolved conflicts to play them again in the hope we can resolve them. All of this is not done consciously obviously but it explains why we keep on choosing supposedly ‘the wrong partners’. They are actually the right partners for us in the sense that the process gives us hope of solving the past because as adults we have a much wider range of skills and self belief to be able to solve those issues. Fascinating book from the States, a bit old now but very true nevertheless.

Are you able and willing to receive from others?


About Malena 113

I am a light worker. I was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain in the early seventies and first came to England in my late teens. From then on I visited a few times, came to do some sightseeing, studied and finally settled down to work. Reiki found me in the early 2000 as a continuation of my spiritual development. I achieved Masters in Reiki in 2010 and have trained other people since. I am currently studying Theta Healing, another modality of healing. I also work with angels and archangels and they are now part of my everyday life.
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