The Eleven Toxic Emotions

 1. Hurt – victimization, helplessness, blame 2. Sadness – self-pity, regret 3. Shame – humiliation, embarrassment 4. Hopelessness – loneliness, despair, desperation 5. Fear – anxiety, panic, immobilization 6. Anger – resentment, bitterness 7. Hate – meanness, vengefulness 8. Jealousy – envy, possessive 9. Pride – better than, self-righteousness 10. Greed – insatiable emotional hunger 11. Guilt – self-blame, false responsibility “It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized.”


About Malena 113

I am a light worker. I was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain in the early seventies and first came to England in my late teens. From then on I visited a few times, came to do some sightseeing, studied and finally settled down to work. Reiki found me in the early 2000 as a continuation of my spiritual development. I achieved Masters in Reiki in 2010 and have trained other people since. I am currently studying Theta Healing, another modality of healing. I also work with angels and archangels and they are now part of my everyday life.
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